Whether it is a simple single cloud project or a comprehensive cloud adoption strategy. We, at ZtechEngineering, will provide you with guidance and frameworks throughout your whole cloud journey. This involves addressing concerns from different perspectives with regards the Architecture, Global presence, Security, Scalability, Elasticity, Disaster recovery.

  • Strategy
  • Planning & Transformation
  • Design, Integration & Testing
  • Deploy & Operate

Assessing cloud services options is crucial to determine the best-case scenario for your cloud business presence. If properly architected, not only significant cost savings but also higher performance levels can be achieved resulting in swift growth and better competitiveness in the market. To this end, a dedicated team of well-versed experts will be assigned to you in order to answer, assess and provide you with a complete roadmap including methodologies, principles and policies that govern the cloud adoption process.

As far as the migration phase is concerned, moving workloads to cloud-based infrastructure with minimal disruption to normal operation, at lowest cost, and over the shortest period of time, is paramount. Typically, such migration needs to be performed after having an advanced knowledge of your workload requirements, hence defining which applications should move first, migration time horizon, pricing model, monitoring and mitigating the coexistence of the on-premises environments and cloud-based ones. After that the initial migration takes place, every workload deployment should be proven to function properly and that all your security and compliance requirements are met.

Once in the cloud and as your knowledge of cloud services matures, reassessing your business architecture becomes key factor into making your cloud adoption more efficient and profitable. Some of the applications might consider changes, APIs, or to go completely Cloud-native as they outperform the hosted ones which will in turn allow your business to take better advantage of the cloud flexibility. Given that all Cloud Service Providers adopt a “shared responsibility” model, investing/ training your IT team is vital. Full knowledge and hand-on experience of your provider’s monitoring tools will allow your team to spot the relevant metrics and alerts, and know how to respond to them. For further information please contact us.

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